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The Acetech high security portals and metal detectors’ life begins in the heart of the company: the engineering studio. Here we design softwares and hardwares for our products. In Acetech we think that the main purpose of designing and producing high security portals and metal detectors is to guarantee concreteness. Which, in technical terms, means high-level security and personalization.

We have been on the field of the high security portals and metal detector design, production and placement for 30 years. In Acetech we think that reliability, high-quality materials and well-performing mechanics with easy maintenance are the strengths of our products. We are a development and technological research lab, where attention to details and most resistant materials are part of a professionalism made of engineering, construction and relational skills.

As a matter of fact, it’s our widespread relationship with technicians and final customers that allows us to achieve high-quality results. Being flexible and putting our know-how at the costumers’ disposal is our strength, in order to provide a concrete, reliable and convenient answer to any need. Every high security portal and metal detector project is studied and tested in our lab after an accurate choice of every single component, so that they can last in time.

When a company has the skills to realize the best products by taking into account not only its target market necessities but also its future needs, we can call it innovative. That’s why Acetech high security portals and metal detectors are designed according to the customers’ real needs: management electronics with high-level security features, reliable and easy-to-maintain mechanics, accurate aesthetic and high-quality finish.

Acetech high security portals are solid, strong, reliable, easy to configure and aesthetically beautiful, with first-rate glasses and a high-quality painting. Only the plan of the place of installation is required in order to provide whether a catalogue solution or a personalized configuration, also in terms of softwares.

In Acetech, “technological reliability” and “wide range of dimensions” are the watchwords for metal detectors. We can provide passages from 70 to 100 cm, panel transducers from 16 to 50 cm (with optional crossbeam) and column transducers with a diameter of 14 cm only. We study and realize personalized metal detectors that can be integrated in specific locations and situations, in order to provide the best answer to any technical, structural and aesthetic need.

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