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Motorized security booth with curved door wings


Self-managed high security portal (or security booth) with automatic door opening and external metal detector.

  • Monobloc with 30/10 mild steel sheet, painted with highly resistant shock-proof and corrosion-proof products;
  • On request, 40/10 mild steel and stainless steel structure;
  • Anti-vandal and bullet-proof side and door glasses;
  • Weight control system allowing only one transit at a time;
  • Highly discriminating external metal detector;
  • Accident prevention safety in line with the standards in force;
  • Possible interface with external peripheral devices, badge readers, biometric systems etc.;
  • On request, entrance at 90°;
  • Passage available in line with the rules for the transit of people with disabilities;
  • The internal cage of the security booth, formed by the doors, floor and side walls, hangs from a weight sensor. This particular solution permits the automatic control of the interior of the security door in order to determine the transit of a single person at a time. It also allows to verify if after every metal detector alarm a weapon has been left inside.


Model L (mm) P (mm) Pu (mm) H (mm) Hu (mm) H1 (mm)
CY01 (*) 1050 1050 600 2400 2000 60
CY02 1150 1150 640 2400 2000 60
CY03 1280 1280 740 2400 2000 60
CY04 1500 1500 900 2400 2000 60

(*) - Standard


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