System for the acquisition and storage of biometric images, able to associate the biometric images with the user images.
It is fully designed on a Windows platform, fully developed according to the privacy law and in line with the ABI directives. It comes with a microprocessor industrial board with video inputs, SSD (Solid-State Disk), vocal synth and high-resolution fingerprint scanner in compliance with the AFIS prescriptions. This easy-to-use device can match with pre-existing access control systems. Extremely low maintenance costs required. Excellent for areas where a high-level security standard is required.

General features:
  • Control unit with microprocessor
  • Up to 4 colour and/or B&W cameras with high resolution
  • Optical digital fingerprint reader with USB 2.0 interface
  • Metal support for the camera and the digital fingerprint reader housing, to be collocated inside the booth
  • Easy to use with possible interface with pre-existing installations

Control unit:
  • Mother board with microprocessor
  • Keypad with PS/2 interface
  • Mouse with PS/2 interface
  • LAN Ethernet 10/100 Mb interface
  • N.3 USB 2.0 ports
  • N.4 video inputs (composite video)
  • LCD 17'' display
  • DVD RW +/- burner
Fingerprint reader:
In ordinary working conditions, the acquired fingerprint is processed by the AFIS system. On request, available fingerprint scanner with live finger detection.
Technical data:
  • Supply voltage 12Vdc
  • Temperature range between 0 and 50°C
  • Maximun relative humidity 85% without condensation
  • Acquisition of the image in 256 levels of grey
  • Image dimensions 524x524 with 500 DPI
  • CE certification


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