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Weatherproof metal detector with panel transducers without crossbeam


Metal detector with panel transducers without crossbeam. Next-generation device with high discriminating capacities and immunity to external electromagnetic interferences.
Weatherproof version for outdoor applications.
It is an easy-to-use device that doesn’t require special arrangements for its installation.


  • SCDM4 Central Control Unit
  • Stainless steel contruction (IP55);
  • Supply voltage 24 Vdc;
  • Consumption 30 Watt;
  • Temperature range -15°C + 55°C;
  • Relative humidity 0-95% without condensation;
  • Input voltage 110-240 Vac or 24 Vdc;
  • Power supply with battery charger (optional);
  • Emergency batteries backup with a four-hour autonomy (optional).



  • Panel width 500 mm;
  • Passage width from 700 mm to 900 mm;
  • Shock-proof mechanical construction (IP55);
  • Number of transits counter in both entrance and exit ways through the device (only available for the P500SW model);
  • STOP/GO (red/green) traffic light for the regulation of the passage of users through the device (optional);
  • Laminate covering;
  • It takes up a minimal amount of space
  • Finish profiles in extruded PVC;
  • Built-in alarm LED bar (optional).



  • Immunity certification for wearers of pacemakers;
  • Harmless to magnetic supports (floppy disks, tapes, credit cards etc);
  • Compliant with the NILECJ.0601 standards at all levels;
  • Compliant with the FAA “3 GUN TEST” standards;
  • CE certification.


Model LT (mm) LU (mm) HT (mm) HU (mm) PU (mm)  PA (mm)
P300SW  from 780 to 980 from 700 to 900 2000 2000 300 400
P500SW (*) from 800 to 1000 from 700 to 900 2000 2000 510 600



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